Hello. We’re so glad you found us. We are Dolcelyn and Jimmy.

I have a doctorate in clinical psychology and Jimmy has practiced Kriya Yoga for over 20 years.


Zoey Loves To Draw

You can commission her to draw a character for you. Just send us a message.


Help Is Available

Call and leave me a message to set an appointment. I have a sliding scale.

The button below will take you to a Facebook page with a “Call Now” button. Click that to call me.


Broadway Shows

Zoey loves “Hamilton” and “Dear Evan Hansen,” She loves to use them as subjects in her drawings.


Hamilton Place Mall

We are located near the mall off Gunbarrel Road in Hamilton County, Chattanooga, TN.

Writing Is An Art And Repose

Sit down on your favorite chair with your favorite hot drink and take a ride into worlds unknown. That’s what writing does.




I started writing in a journal since I was in first grade. We lived in the Philippines and I took a calendar and started writing in its pages things that happened through the day. I was outgoing and an overachiever and I thought I’d be a school teacher, then I considered being a journalist.


But anxieties got in the way and depression in my late teens. I’ve become introverted and have been finding my way and my words ever since.


Whenever the words jumble in your head, just take a pen and start writing, scribbling, and drawing…you’ll be amazed what relief you’ll get.


Eckhart Tolle



Play Therapy


Read and Travel